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The right way to Stop and Deal with COVID Jab Accidents

For the final two years, Dr. Michelle Perro has been within the trenches treating COVID-19 problems, not solely from the an infection but in addition from the jab, which is way extra problematic and lethal.

Perro went to Yale as an undergrad, after which to Mount Sinai Medical College. She accomplished her postgraduate residency coaching in pediatrics at Bellevue Hospital in New York Metropolis. She now sees sufferers with an integrative strategy, educates concerning GMOs, pesticides and environmental well being and is engaged on her second ebook in California, the place the pediatric inhabitants is extremely vaccinated.

Perro’s Journey

Throughout the first 40 years of her profession as a pediatrician, she didn’t query the validity of vaccines. “Considering that we’d deliberately hurt kids is a really tough attain,” she says. “It’s out of attain of many pediatricians.”

Nonetheless, by the early 2000’s, she started to see a big uptick in autism, and that led her down the proverbial rabbit path to vaccines.

“[The rise in autism] correlated with my understanding of GMOs and pesticides,” she says. “Nonetheless, whenever you begin taking a look at one toxicant, you take a look at different toxicants, and that is the place I received into the sector of environmental toxicity, together with our meals, air, water, EMFs, you identify it …

Now I am an advisor for NAEM [the National Academy of Medicine], and I am engaged on a pediatric environmental well being questionnaire. I wrote an Environmental Well being Invoice of Rights for youngsters. So, I am deep into this now — not simply specializing in vaccines, however the world situation of defending kids from environmental toxicity …

Over 25 years in the past, I turned a homeopath, after which an built-in doctor. I do not discuss being a homeopath as a result of it isn’t taken properly by numerous my friends, however most of my therapy successes have been from homeopathy.”

Previous Truths Are Being Re-Revealed

Curiously, the introduction of the experimental COVID jabs has actually opened the eyes of a big proportion of the inhabitants to the truth that there are basic flaws with the vaccine program as a complete — not simply with the mRNA photographs, which have by no means existed earlier than, but in addition with standard vaccines.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman, for instance, a former head of Merck who developed polio vaccines, has admitted these vaccines had been contaminated with dozens of viral pathogens, together with simian virus 40 (SV40), which may trigger most cancers.

“This concept of vaccination contamination was uncovered once more in 2017, after they discovered nano contamination with heavy metals in 43 out of 44 vaccines in a research out of Italy,” Perro says.

“And these nanoparticles, due to their dimension, are inflammatory. They cross the blood mind barrier. And I’m certain, for sure, that is what’s linked to this neuroinflammatory course of that we see with children on the spectrum, the rise in ADHD and one other neurosensory/ neurocognitive points.”

Glyphosate Worsens Aluminum Toxicity

Perro additionally cites analysis exhibiting glyphosate shuttles aluminum throughout the blood-brain barrier in six other ways. So, glyphosate, probably the most extensively used herbicide on the earth, and aluminum are synergistic.

This, too, is probably going a part of the equation, as a result of kids are extremely uncovered to glyphosate via meals, which then shuttles the aluminum from their childhood vaccines straight into their brains. Aluminum is added to many vaccines as an adjuvant, as a result of it elicits a stronger immune response.

This, in flip, ends in larger antibody titers, which is how they measure vaccine effectiveness. The issue is, by stimulating the humoral antibody system solely, and never the mobile immune system, you create an imbalance that may finally result in immune dysregulation, with the worst end result being most cancers.

In brief, vaccination just isn’t almost as efficient because the multifaceted immune response you may have when uncovered to pure an infection. That is much more true for younger kids. As defined by Perro:

“It actually speaks to why kids are immunologically totally different than adults. Youngsters should not mini adults, as a result of they’ve that different arm of the immune system, the innate immune system …

Youngsters have a really sturdy innate immune system, and so they have a thymus, which involutes with time as adults — ours are lengthy gone. Due to this innate immune system, and elevated NK [natural killer] cells, they’re in a position to battle COVID.

That is why kids achieve this properly with this virus. [They have] sturdy innate immunity, which is completely bypassed whenever you give anyone a vaccination. Dr. [Anthony] Fauci himself mentioned in 2004 that pure immunity is healthier than vaccine induced immunity.”

Pediatric Aspect Results From the COVID Jab

As soon as the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration approved the COVID jab for youngsters, aged 12 to 17, it didn’t take lengthy earlier than Perro began seeing accidents in her observe.

“I used to be amazed at what number of children had been injured … The sorts of reactions I began seeing had been initially neurologic. A few of them at first had been easy however regarding, like tinnitus, which is ringing within the ear, and that may very well be horrific for a child …

I had a musician who goes to Julliard, and he had extreme acute onset [of tinnitus] after the primary the Pfizer [shot]. It received worse after the second. I’ve colleagues who noticed Guillain-Barre ascending paralysis … I noticed cardiac [problems], myocarditis for certain, and irregular coronary heart price responses like tachycardia and elevated coronary heart price …

I noticed POTS — postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome — one thing quite common in Lyme illness that may be very tough to deal with. One other bizarre factor I noticed was this one baby with rhabdomyolysis, the place he had large breakdown of his muscle tissue, which is a really uncommon occasion in childhood.

Then, I began seeing individuals develop signs who had been unvaccinated, together with myself. I received ‘spiked.’ That is what I name it, ‘getting spiked.’

[I saw] teenage ladies with heavy menstrual bleeding, extended bleeding, and different menstrual irregularities. There was a smattering of rashes, urticaria, hives — a weird host of rashes.

So, that is the sort of stuff we began seeing, and this started taking place final June [2021], after ACIP, the American Committee of Immunization Apply, mentioned, ‘Yep, 12-year-olds may be vaccinated [against COVID]’ …

As soon as once more, we as clinicians … need to kind out tips on how to repair it with instruments not within the conventional toolbox. That is what we’re confronted with …

There’s a larger agenda right here, as a result of clearly these vaccines are harmful for teenagers. There is not any doubt. The information is irrefutable, and but we have proceeded. So, we’re coping with different agendas right here … I feel dad and mom must stand up and shield their kids, as a result of this isn’t going away. If something, it’s ramping up.”

Stopping and Treating COVID Jab Accidents

When making an attempt to forestall and/or deal with a COVID jab damage, there are 5 poisonous parts that should be addressed:

  • Spike protein toxicity
  • PEG
  • Irritation from the nanolipid
  • Graphene oxide
  • Nanotoxicity

Every of those may be modulated in quite a lot of methods. “That is why now we have to make use of a whole menu of issues when treating a response from the COVID vaccine,” she says. A key software in Perro’s therapy arsenal is spike protein-binding therapies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. She explains:

“If you happen to’re making spike [protein], though children haven’t got numerous ACE2 receptors, these spikes are in all places. In mice, it’s proven that they cross the blood-brain barrier. They’re disseminated, after which they have an inclination to focus in your space of weak spot.

They go into fat-loving tissues, they go into the ovaries, they appear to go in all places. So, binding the spike protein, that is one facet, and there are various things you are able to do, each pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical.

My favourite is ivermectin for the spike. I used to be giving children 12 milligrams, initially, as soon as a day. I went as much as 12 mg twice a day for Omicron, but it surely is dependent upon the scale of the child. For larger children, it’s 18 mg twice a day.

I did not see any toxicity with ivermectin. I’ve used ivermectin earlier than, largely for parasitic infections, and I by no means had any drawback with ivermectin. I’ve not used hydroxychloroquine earlier than, however now, for Omicron, I might use hydroxychloroquine, 200 mg twice a day.

I exploit numerous quercetin and zinc collectively … To lower irritation, particularly IL6, you additionally wish to use numerous immunomodulators, and numerous dietary supplements can try this.”

What’s in Perro’s Toolbox?

Along with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to bind the poisonous spike protein, and quercetin and zinc to spice up immune operate, Perro additionally makes use of the next treatments for the prevention and therapy of COVID-19, and the prevention and therapy of COVID jab accidents:

Fibrinolytic enzymes like lumbokinase to forestall blood clots and digest current clots, particularly in case your D-dimer stage is elevated, as this can be a biomarker for clotting. For this to work, nonetheless, you should take it on an empty abdomen. When taken with meals, it acts as a digestive assist, however when taken an hour earlier than meals, or two hours after, you get the systemic advantages

N-acetylcysteine (NAC), which inhibits expression of proinflammatory cytokines, improves T cell response, advantages quite a lot of lung issues, and inhibits the hypercoagulation that may end up in stroke and/or blood clots

Pine needle tea, which has antioxidant, antimutagenic and antitumor advantages

Curcumin, to quell irritation


Entire meals reminiscent of garlic and ginger

Symptom-specific homeopathic treatments

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide and oral/nasal rinses with peroxide and iodine

I might additionally advocate getting loads of sunshine, as infrared rays, particularly the near-infrared spectrum, triggers melatonin manufacturing in your mitochondria. Melatonin is a potent antioxidant, and it will increase glutathione, which is essential for environment friendly detox. Melatonin additionally will increase mitochondrial effectivity and vitality manufacturing within the type of ATP.

In fact, consuming natural is vital since GMOs even have been demonstrated to lower glutathione — the grasp antioxidant — and improve oxidative stress, which is the premise for all persistent illness. If you happen to’re liable to solar burn, it may very well be an indication that you simply’re consuming too many seed oils excessive in linoleic acid (LA), so to cut back your tendency to get burned, lower out all seed oils out of your eating regimen.

That features restaurant meals, processed meals and condiments particularly, but in addition conventionally raised hen and pork. A really low, just about zero seed oil eating regimen might be top-of-the-line methods to forestall sunburn, in addition to persistent degenerative illnesses, together with coronary heart illness and most cancers. Including in additional complete meals vitamin C may also be useful for stopping sunburn. Acerola cherry (Barbados cherry) accommodates among the highest quantities of vitamin C.

Extra Info

As famous by Perro, recognizing there’s an issue is at all times step one. So, first, now we have to acknowledge that our youngsters are underneath poisonous assault, and in lots of cases, the harming of kids’s well being seems to be intentional.

Step 2, then, is for folks to take again management and take away the techniques which have taken over and are harming their kids. Whereas that will sound like an unsurmountable job, it doesn’t need to be. It begins with cleansing up your loved ones’s eating regimen, utilizing meals as drugs, rising a few of your personal meals and getting again to primary rules of well being and well being care.

“We now have to get them out of this infantilized system the place individuals really feel they need to run to the doctor for each bruise, lower and boo-boo, ‘Fast, name the pediatrician!’

Not so. Dad and mom have misplaced that means and now we have to regain it. Take into consideration once we had been children. How typically did you go to the physician? I feel I went as soon as as a toddler. Our dad and mom had some data, so we have to regain that.”

Perro additionally believes we should start to create parallel techniques and buildings, as prompt by Mattias Desmet, Ph.D. The facility of this technique was demonstrated by Vaclav Havel, a political dissident who finally turned the president of Czechoslovakia.

A parallel construction is any sort of enterprise, group, expertise, motion or artistic pursuit that matches inside a totalitarian society whereas being morally outdoors of it. As soon as sufficient parallel buildings are created, a parallel tradition is born that features as a sanctuary of sanity inside a totalitarian world.

To study extra, see, and, which is the nonprofit she cofounded in 2014. Additionally maintain your eyes peeled for her subsequent ebook, “Making Our Youngsters Nicely,” which is scheduled to be revealed someday in 2023.



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